Launch of Child Taken

As you’ll already know, my first novel, Child Taken was released last month. It’s got some cracking reviews from reviewers and readers and is available to buy on Amazon. The most common line is that people couldn’t put it down but one of the other things that a lot of people are saying is how different it is to what they were expecting. The dark cover and title obviously suggest a very sinister act and don’t get me wrong, that’s how it starts but the rest of the story – set twenty years afterwards – is not only thrilling but also, in my opinion, a positive tale. Why not order it and see for yourself?

Amazon Hot Picks

I found out last week that Child Taken has been chosen as one of Amazon’s Hot Picks which I’m thrilled about. The book is available on Kindle for a limited time at £1.99 so act quickly if you want to take advantage of that offer. But the real thing is beautiful too if, as I do, you still like to have a book in your hand!


My blog series, The Secret Life Of A Would Be Writer Aged 39 3/4 is complete and followed my journey from the original idea to the day after Child Taken was officially published. It’s both a catalogue of my experiences and a series of, hopefully, useful hints, tips and things to look out for. It’s certainly not meant to be a guide to writing a book (there are many people more qualified than me to do that) but it definitely goes behind the typical areas covered by the writing guide books and looks the things they might not tell you – from where to sit to how many glasses to hire for the launch party! I’ve packaged all of the posts into a two-part mini book to make it more accessible and that will be available to download on my website shortly.

New Blog Series

My next blog series, Let’s Talk Writing, follows on from The Secret Life, as I talk to established authors about their experiences and own personal journey. It’s going to be weekly with each author’s interview split into two parts, and I’ve got some great writing talent lined up including names you’ll have heard of and some you maybe won’t have. The thing they have in common – apart from being brilliant writers – is they all have a fascinating story to tell and I’ll be helping them tell it in the coming months.


I’m at a book club this week and really looking forward to it, plus I have some more radio interviews and some library talks lined up for the summer. They’ll be more on the website in due course.

Enjoy the weather and remember, it’s Britain, and any really hot, sunny day might be the last one until 2018 so make the most of it!

Until next time


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