If you read one book this summer, make sure it’s Darren Young’s debut novel Child Taken. As a parent, I wasn’t sure how I would feel grappling with the traumatic subject of losing a child, but in the end I was struggling who to feel the most sorry for. Darren’s compelling narrative presents an angle on events I didn’t expect when I started to read; where everyone is ultimately a victim.

I picked this book up at 4:30pm on a Saturday afternoon fully intending only to read the opening chapters and found myself putting the book down at 02:35 the following morning having read it cover to cover; that’s just how good it is! Whilst there is a clear easy style to the writing, there are also deeply thought provoking chapters which make you stop and assess ‘how would I feel in this situation?’ Not only that but as you become more deeply intertwined in the novel, there is a twist you just don’t see coming.

A truly fantastic start to a literary career!


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